Harsh Reality

India is my Harsh Reality, has always been, as the Environement here is Harsh, whichever way one looks at it; personally/ proffessionaly, emotionally/ unemotionally, subjectively/ objectively etc.

Living Conditions. Over-population. Corruption. Bogus Spirituality. Relegious Mania. Swamped in Outdated Traditions. Terrible Education System. Caste System. Archaic Hierachy. Machoism. Belief Systems that Enable Slavery still; the Servant!! Materialistic Greed.

I am actually horrified at where India has arrived at, in the 21st century. Everytime I return from Europe, for a long stay, I am more horrified at the General Status Quo here. There seems to be so little change.

Or am I just being Impatient? 20181117_071511



A New Beginning…

As the Phoenix rises from it’s Ashes, so do I.

A lengthy, tiring, yet fruitful Market Research completed; for what is Now, my Next Phaze of Work.

Alchemy in Action.

A thorough Self Introspection, Self Healing and Self Empowerment Course done, once again.

Ying and Yang in Balance.


Online Well-Being Coaching Sessions/ A Course.

I continue working, wherever I am, without needing all those physical location limitations, travelling as I do, since the last 6 years, as per mine and my family needs.

Free Spirit.

And the question of having to interrupt any Client’s Well-Being Course, for any reason, will be minimized, for sure.

Virtual, Digital, Online World.

Or could we say, Etheric World perhaps?

That is where The Magic happens, surely?….


Freedom to be Me?

As I sip my coffee today, and do my online stuff, (my preferred daily routine, wherever I may be residing), I am reflecting on this Concept.

Reason why this Fascinates me, is Simply that I have not felt this Free, before.

The Whys and Whats,  of it, is what make up my Future Books and Memoirs,20181012_152340

” Wildly Royal”.

Does Everyone only see the Glamourous Aspect of this Royalty ? Of course, would  that not be the Only Aspect shown to the public? It seems No one likes to “Air their Dirty Linen in Public.”  Not Most anyway.  But what some of our poor Condemned Journalists do as their Job specs, I note.

I have been Exploring the Humane side of it all, from the time I was able to Observe and Absorb. Just a Curiosity, as felt so Restricted and Confined myself, from so young.

Free Spirit Me! Rebel to Most…lol

Being Born into this type of Family, one has a distinct close up, Insiders view; albeit only My Perspective, and Rather Subjective, too, of course, I hastily add.

I found, that The amount of Responsibilty and Hard Work involved, in A Royal’s Life, is not a Joke. I am discussing only The Ruling Royal Families, namely my own.  A Royal is Born to Serve” To Rule is to Serve” is the Axiom on which My Family’s Royalty  is based, I think.

All the Materialistic Comforts? Would Anyone  be Willing or  Even Able to Begin to Do this Job!?! The Perks of the Job, as called in Working Environements.

Excess is a whole different subject Matter. To be covered in My Book Series.too Explored through the Subject of Addiction.

As we are now largely in Assumed Democracies, Anarchies, Dictatorships etc, Royalty, world-wide is, either under government pay,  for e.g England and the EU or financed by the Armed Forces, World Bank and/ or Industrialists. Sadly, just Puppets on a string?? One of my fav songs as a child. I understand why now.

I am very Proud of My Family, as they are none of the above, but the Struggle I have seen personally of My Elders especially, is Heart- Wrenching, yet  So Admirable, at the same time.

This is just a little Snippet of My Own Thoughts, on this Vast Subject, in Honour of All My Family, Elders especially, Past and Present, and Especially for My Uncle who is in hospital, awaiting a medical procedure.

My Awe of His Incredible Personage, has even Surprised me, today.

So “Freedom to be Me” is not an Easy Path for Anyone in Our Derived Societies, but is it More or Less, for Royalty?? And the Effects of it All??

This is my Life Research,  Always in Motion,  and Subject Matter for my Books. T.V. Interactive Documentary maybe.

And so I have moved to Goa away from it all once again, in order to put Pen to Paper, so to speak, and Earn my way in life, as I have done, since age 18.

Am I shirking my Responsibilty to My Family?

No. I have done All I can and am Now, Free to be Me.

Authentic Alchemy, at last.


Crystal Ganesha Garry


My Crystal Haven, here in Goa.

I stepped into Garry’s first shop, in 2004, here in Goa. It was introduced to me, by my sister Harsha. Bless her.

My Younger Son Jason, Gifted me my First Crystal from there, soon after. I have recorded in my notes that, my Desired Transformation, Inner and Outer; Yin and Yang, started then.

Besides being Asthetically Beautiful, Crystals are Powerful Holistic  tools to Help one Detox, Cleanse, Re-Energize and Arrive at One’s Optimal State.

I Adore them, as they facilitate my Self Healing and Self Empowerment Daily.

On a Personal level, Minimal Outside Help, needed Nowadays.

Self Sufficiency, once a Dream;  Now, one of my Skills, I train others in.

Of course, the Connect with The Crystals, must Exist, or Be Awakened, for them to do Their Magic..



Susegad Goa


Susegad Goa. Chilled Goa.

Life here, like Andalucia had, 30 years ago, has a lovely Stress Free Slow Pace of Life. One must Flow with it, or be very frustrated.

The When in Rome Syndrome? Adapt to your Environement, don’t expect it to adapt to you? So am walking that talk properly, after a month here, and loving it.

Settling in and Setting up Business, susegad style, slowly but surely. Why rush? Journey not the Destination?

Actually, this is the only pace I can cope with, these days. Meditation and my Spiritual Practices; done all my life, have slowed me down a lot, and put me on the non-ending Journey of Prioritising Optimal Health.

Goa has a lot of Affordable Organic food, Holistic People and Holistic Activity. Fresh Sea Air and Nature, rather than Urban Jungle. My Concept of A Healthy Lifestyle.

And a Place, I hope, My Loved Ones, from all other parts of the globe, will be Happy to visit me in, as it is a rather Idylic Holiday Destination, to Suit Every Budget…



Goan Wedding…

Heartwarming Authentic Goan Wedding in my Vaddo, Saunto Vaddo, Baga, of A Lovely Neighbouring Family’s Son.

Such Gracious Hosts. A Day filled with Love, Promise and Joy. Colourful indeed.

And so well organized. Yummy food. Music was good and the dancing was really fun..



Calm before The Storm..

Lovely eve stroll, after my nose down, all day, for ongoing Creation of CasaKumari Events and Promotions.

Sitting in my breezy (today) balcony, listening to occasional bouts of thunder, cracks of lightening, dogs barking, and lovely children sounds.

Occassional tourist passing by.

Love My Goan Life, wherever I happen to live in it. Presently Enjoying Baga, albeit crowded and noisy it will be soon..



Goa Events!

20180904_165409Finally, back to the Goan drawing board, to Finalize the last stage of my Events and Promotion Biz; CasaKumari.

The Concept, started being put in Action 14 years ago, when I did my 1st stint with my sons here, in Calungute, Goa. But we ended up back in Nerja, Andalucia, Spain, as we found that, a Better place to live in, for their growing up years.

6 years ago, when it was time to Let Go and Let the younger one Fly off from the Nest too, I returned to my Native Lands, to pick up where I left off, Biz wise, and be close to my aging parents. And Timely, too, as had Precious Time with My Beloved Dad, who passed away 2+ years ago.

Of course, Communication, Hospitality, Real Estate and Wellness my Passions, Networking never stops. And with this Fabulous Digital Era, we Live in, so much of it can be done, while in the Comforts of one’s own Home!

So Here Goes, My Last and Final Project in Life, that I Start Today, with A Warm Grateful Glow, in the Depths of My Soul.

It is the Love and Kindness of Family and Friends, and All the Locals of Goa that has Brought me to this Point, and I am Eternally Thankful to Them All..❤